Interior Lighting, you simply must get it right!

For so many reasons we have all shifted to low energy use light bulbs throughout our home and there are some really great options out there today.  But there are some really awful ones out there too.

I'll start with what I tell all my sellers, in every price range to do; "go get regular incandescent bulbs and replace every bulb in your house with the same thing".  Yes, they burn hotter and use more energy, but the color of the light is warm and inviting, and when you are selling your home, you want it warm and inviting, right?

All of your can lights should be halogen flood lights, unless you are spotting a piece of art, and I prefer the ones with a cut glass lens.  They emit beautiful warm light and the cut glass lens creates a bit of a sparkle.  It really makes a huge difference.  Again, I understand they use more energy and burn hotter, but they make a much better visual impact. 

NEVER EVER EVER use CFL's (Chinese f'ing lights); These are the worst lights you could ever use in your home, in my very humble opinion.  At least while your home is on the market.  

  • First, the light they emit is harsh and often too white.  
  • Second, the bulbs are ugly.  
  • Third, as fluorescents there is a slight flicker that is not completely noticeable but will make your eyes tire over time.  
  • Fourth, they often take time to warm up and get bright.
  • They contain mercury and let's face it, no one disposes of them properly.
  • Lastly, they are really really ugly.  This comment deserved a second mention.

A little effort and expense in this department will help make your home feel great to a perspective buyer.  And if you ask me to list your home, you can bet this is one of the first recommendations I will give you.  It's one of my pet peeves in real estate.

Why I am a listing agent

You can't be all things to all people, and that certainly rings true in the real estate world.

At the earliest stages of my career, now 20 years ago, I began to focus on the higher end and luxury part of our market.  When I started my company in 2001 I had many other responsibilities and began to pass buyer client leads off to other agents in my office and I focused mostly on high end listings. 

Of course everyone wants to list the most expensive homes, and I did as well.  In this case I saw an opportunity to distinguish myself in the marketplace and really do things that no one else was doing.  Although some of these things seem trivial and are certainly the basis for any listing today, at the time they were unique and unusual:  Professional Photographs, Custom Color Brochures, Quality Signs that don't distract from the beauty of the home, and staging and prepping a home to show its best.  

I began doing these things before we really had any opportunities to display listings to the public online.  We pretty much just had newspaper ads.  The evolution of our industry has been dramatic, yet the fundamentals really haven't changed.  I have always welcomed new technology and embraced new ideas, but the fundamentals seem to have prevailed through all the new stuff that comes our way.

I have no fear of competition and I am confident that any good agent will have a integral role to play in the transaction for many years to come.  No doubt more consolidation will take place and as higher quality agents do more and more of the business, the bar continues to be raised for all of us and in the end, the consumer wins.

Now back to more definitively answer why I am a listing agent; I LOVE the creative process of marketing a beautiful home.  I enjoy the hours of preparation, detail, and writing the story of a home.  Every home is unique and has a story and telling that story is what being a listing agent is all about.  

Of course that is just the first step, being an expert negotiator is also a key to my success.  But what I think I am particularly good at is understanding what my client needs are, helping to manage their emotions through the process, and ultimately being their advocate from beginning to end.

My marketing efforts are geared toward showcasing the best features of my sellers properties.  I don't set things up to capture buyers contact info or focus on lead management.  In my mind, it's all about simply providing information to buyers that have interest in one of my listing.  

Often my sellers are also buyers and I have enjoyed working with many clients as buyers as well, but my marketing focus is squarely on listings.  My extensive knowledge of this market does allow me to provide great insight to a buyer looking for that special property, and often times those properties are not actively on the market.

I feel fortunate to have had such a fascinating career for the last twenty years.